Fil Anderson

LIfe's Journey with God

Fil Anderson offers the message of God's love, grace and mercy found through Jesus Christ for all people. Providing thoughtful and creative opportunities to discover God's loving care, our ministry extends as far as God leads and reaches through us.


Fil’s voice in our hectic culture is a welcome and much needed call to reflective living. His teaching is the gritty stuff of everyday life—the glory and the grime—that moves us toward authentic and joyful faith. For encouragement, for challenge, or for reminders of why the Gospel is good news, call Fil.

Allen Levi, singer, songwriter


I've had the privilege of walking alongside Fil as his publisher… He is not only an author, he is a trusted confidante and friend. Fil's wisdom and insight continues to strengthen and fuel my spiritual walk.

Don Pape, Publisher, NavPress


Through the years Fil Anderson has had an enormous impact on my life; particularly on my life with God and my understanding of his great love for me.  Fil has a way of speaking, of leading and of being that really connects with people and their desire to know God in a deeper, more intimate way.

Jim Branch, author & Director of Core Leadership


Fil’s ministry as messenger of the Gospel is anointed with the presence, peace and power of the Holy Spirit.

Brennan Manning, author


Every once in a while on this journey with Jesus we are blessed to stumble across a genuine soul friend or sacred companion, someone in whose company we often sense "our hearts burning within us" as we walk together down the road of Christian discipleship.  Fil Anderson has become one of those people for me, and for those I am called to serve in Jesus' name.  It is a high and holy privilege to call him my friend.

David Williams, college professor


Fil Anderson has been uniquely gifted by God to listen with a spiritual ear and encourage fellow pilgrims in their pursuit of the God who pursues us.   His writings have a way of connecting with so many of the common experiences of those on a spiritual journey.   Jesus has been the main thing with Fil ever since I met him years ago.   He has kept Him the main thing all these years.   I know of no one more encouraging in helping people find their own way in walking with Jesus Christ.  

Bill Goans, pastor


Fil’s ministry is a powerful combination of quietness, humility, listening, prayer, and gentle wisdom.  His impact as a conduit of God's love on my life as a friend, colleague, and spiritual director is immeasurable.

Tim Conder, author & pastor


He has the unique ability to marry the unbridled love of God with the anguish of being human.  His intense understanding of both coupled with his child-like wonder of the Divine is what sets Fil apart as a counselor, spiritual director, speaker, and friend.

David Hickman, author & Executive Director of CITY/ONE NETWORK


Fil is a avid listener, a wise counselor, an understanding friend....a loving and caring person and a man with whom we feel safe sharing our hearts, concerns, thoughts and life journey.  He is genuine and authentic and very open with his own life’s ups and downs. His priorities of Jesus, wife, family, friends, and others along his path give his ministry and friendship integrity with a touch of humor and not taking himself too seriously (he can laugh at himself). We are thankful the Lord brought him into our lives and the lives of our family.

Mal and Wanda McSwain, longtime Young Life staff and lifestyle evangelists


Fil brings the aroma of Jesus. With great wisdom, he’s a conduit of the Holy Spirit, whether in a homily or in individual direction meetings during the course of a guided retreat. What a gift.

Ty Saltzgiver, Sr. Vice President, Young Life


I have known Fil for over 25 years.  He has been to me a dear friend, trusted colleague, mentor and role model.   Jeremiah 6:16 says to ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is and walk in it.  Fil has led a life of walking in those ancient paths and skillfully directing others to the good way helping and guiding many to walk in it.

Joe Walters, Executive Director, Soul Care Institute



Fil is the "real deal". God touches the lives of many through him. He is so humble, passionate and compassionate, sincere and tender. He laughs easily and gets tears often. It's amazing what others can see through his transparency. His burning desire to stay faithful in his journey helps the rest of us on our journey.

Sister Joan Tetrault, OSB, St. Martin Monastery, Rapid City, SD


I am so grateful for God's call on Fil's life to be an instrument of spiritual healing.  His gift of touching the souls of those who seek spiritual direction, comes not only from his years of experience and training, but also because of his vulnerability in sharing his own pain and struggles in life. Fil's ability to lead others with authenticity and wisdom, is a result of his own walk with Jesus.  I have been blessed by his ability to listen to my heart, and to then candidly yet tenderly speak into my life. 

Tom Wilson, CEO, Echo Clinics


Fil has accompanied me through a challenging season of transition in my life and ministry.  His compassionate listening skills, gentle encouragement and direction have been invaluable in helping me hear Jesus' voice and focus on what God is doing inside me.  I particularly appreciate the humble way he shares what he's learned in his own journey and always points us both back to Jesus' grace and love.

Bobby Booze, Operations Director for CRM’s International Division


...the spiritual director, Fil, was a kind and frighteningly perceptive man who listened to my spiritual journey with sensitivity and silence. He hurt with me. He laughed with me. He embraced me as I left ...

  From his book, The Healing Path, Dan Allender, Ph.D., prominent Christian therapist & professor


After many years of excellent service in Young Life, Fil was widely recognized as a “minister to the ministers.” His heart and vision helped shape an extensive national training program that has continued to grow and flourish. He left a legacy of hundreds of staff who desire to love Christ more deeply and follow Him more explicitly.

Denny Rydberg, President, Young Life  


God used Fil as my guide to teach me the value of solitude and the joy of resting in the Savior's love."

Jayne Lessard, Christian therapist



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